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Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Yoga Alliance ® Certified Training

At Moove Studio you will have a truly unique experience, the beautiful studio is set in a tranquil setting to along you to venture deeper into your yoga, and the experience and expertise offered by lead trainer Danielle Lowy is unparalleled in Hawke’s Bay.


Danielle Harper has spent much of her adult life studying the body motivated by her quest to heal her own scoliosis. Through her journey, Danielle has studied many different movement modalities - Pilates, Gyrotonic Method®, Aerial Arts, Ballet, Gymnastics, and of course Yoga. Danielle also has a bachelor of science in neuroscience, and a law degree, giving her a breadth of knowledge far beyond the average yoga teacher. 


Over the years Danielle has taken her many life experiences to develop her Yoga Alliance ® Certified yoga teacher training (YTT) program. The program is heavily influenced by her formal university and doctorate education, and her experience from other movement modalities - providing her students with an edge of anatomical knowledge that is rare in most YTTs. 


The program methodically lays out a path for the teacher trainer to understand the postures and anatomy, as well as yoga philosophy. With review opportunities built into the program, individual attention and regular feedback, teacher trainers are set up for success. As with any new skill, practice helps hone the skill, so there are many practice opportunities. Information is presented in well thought out lectures with handouts to set teacher trainers up for success and give them a foundation they can always revisit down the line. 


Danielle is committed to sharing her passion and accumulated knowledge about yoga, making sure that her teacher trainers leave with a firm grounding in all aspects of yoga. 


The 200 hour YTT course is a vinyasa course, however, teacher trainers will also have exposure to restorative yoga practices, yoga nidra, and pranayama - giving them a well rounded education and preparing them to take on any studio job post-completion. Danielle will ensure that each teacher trainer leaves the course ready to teach. The course is designed with a 9 day full immersion portion at the beginning of the 2 month period. The course then is completed over the course of 5 ½ weekends. This design is deliberate - on the one hand full immersion gets the yoga juices truly flowing in eager minds - however, time is also necessary in order to allow for the huge amount of information to sink in on a deeper level. 


Danielle is enchanted by the idea of spreading yoga far and wide, her passion is to create quality teachers who can continue her legacy of detail oriented, movement-as-medicine teaching. If this sounds attractive to you, please be in touch!

Pricing 2023 YTT

Early Bird Registrations
Prior to November 1, 2022

Regular Registrations
On or after November 1, 2022

Training Schedule 2023 YTT

The 200 Hour Vinyasa Teacher Training is designed with a full immersion section at the beginning, and five and a half weekend meetings thereafter. Each day of training is 9AM - 5:30PM. 

Jan 7 - 15
Jan 21/22
Jan 28/29
Feb 4/5
Feb 11/12
Feb 18/19
Feb 25

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