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The Moove Story

Moove Studio is owned and operated by Danielle Lowy. Moove was born out of her desire to bring a premium, world-class fitness experience to Hawke's Bay. Inspired by a lifetime living in Los Angeles, Moove's purpose-built space, cutting edge equipment, and carefully curated offerings have been selected to provide a standard of excellence.


We are so proud to be the first and only studio offering the Gyrotonic ® Method and aerial fitness modalities in Havelock North. 


We can't wait to Moove with you!

Classes We Offer

Our lives are so multi-faceted these days, it can be overwhelming. Let us take care of your health and wellness goals at Moove. We offer group classes and specialized 1-on-1 programs throughout the day to accommodate your schedule. Your mental and physical health is our top priority; see how we can help you make the most out of your time.

Aerial Level 1

A beginner's aerial class where clients will learn how to balance in the aerial silks, learn basic aerial alignment, and perform heart pumping aerial fitness exercises. A sure way to shred fat and develop true strength. No experience is required to attend this class.

Mat Blast

This class is designed for a tighter, firmer version of you. Among its many benefits, this class helps improve balance, coordination and core strength all while building long, lean muscle mass. A mat based class that may incorporate the use of the aerial silks and any of the other special equipment available in the studio.

Yoga at Home


Escape this dimension and float away through the power of Yoga Nidra. Prop yourself up with blankets and bolsters, or use one of the studio's meditation pods to surrender your body and release your mind. Develop your neural pathways to improve proprioception, expand your consciousness to make space for mindfulness.

Private Hour

For those who want to take their fitness to the next level, 1-on-1 work is the answer. Utilizing the specialized equipment, including the Gyrotonic Expansion System®, this session will be designed to address your needs and goals. Please be in touch to book your private session.

Restorative Yoga

This slow moving class increases range of motion by engaging in long holds in seated or reclined postures. A perfect compliment to more active forms of movement to reshape your connective tissue. The use of yoga blankets, bolsters and straps help to take you deeper while respecting your body's boundaries.

Vinyasa Level 1

This foundational class focuses on the the alignment of each yoga asana (posture) while connecting breath to movement. A slower paced class where new students can learn the essentials of yoga asana, and more advanced students can hone in on the minutiae of their practice.

Vinyasa All Levels

An intermediate level class guiding students through creative sequencing and transitions. Beginners welcome, modifications will be given. This class helps build a strong core, and centers around control and precision. With this class, you will learn and practice the tools needed for an advanced yoga practice, while also remaining mindful in every act you perform.

Yoga Inspired Sculpt

A dynamic class combining free weights with yoga asana and cardio bursts to build stamina and endurance. Sculpt is a total body workout that shreds fat and carves muscles. Moving more into the physical elements of asana rather than the mindfulness, this class is designed to make you sweat!

Yang Yin Yoga 

A 75 minute practice bringing together all of the elements of a well rounded yoga practice including breath work to open the class, some fiery vinyasa flows creatively sequenced to warm the body followed by a restorative practice deepening into traditional yin asana, and ending in a delicious savasana.

"The greatest wealth is health"


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